Project Description

Joyce’s Story

Joyce Taylor travels 12 miles to the city of Kingston each day. She catches the bus in her rural community of Golden Spring, one of the many small hillside towns that ring the bustling capital city. Joyce makes this trip every day to get to the Early Childhood Center where she is the Principal. The 50 children there are her responsibility; her young charges to mould and shape as their parents leave for work trusting that their child/children are in the best case within their means.  Miss Joyce is their trusted guardian, educator and cheerleader for a few critical hours every day that will forever shape their young, impressionable lives.

Miss Joyce, as the children call her, has a pleasant bus ride to and from work every day. The sunbeams reflect in the dew sparkles on the leaves, like little fairies in the early morning gloom. But it does nothing to alleviate her fears for her own child, Brian, who has endured physical challenges and learning disabilities himself.  It is a constant challenge of having access to the care he requires including its cost and transportation.

The Folkes Foundation is dedicated to providing that service to Joyce, we will endeavor that Brain can have the therapy and care that he requires.  We provide these services due to our strong enlistment of collaborative partners offering support through physical and speech language therapy. The specialization of these therapies requires financial support through your thoughtful contributions in funding equipment and resources, transportation and proper accommodations for this venture.  We offer platform many options to donate whatever is comfortable for your financial means.  With your contributions and our engagement within communities, we can best identify and support a child, families and care-givers in need and match to the appropriate therapy specialist..

Therapy Services


There are many reasons why children don’t receive therapy intervention services. Lack of insurance and affordability are among the top reasons for many families. Funding our programs will support our efforts to improve the quality of life for many and help eliminate the financial barriers.

Thanks to you, we’ve raised $300.00 to provide therapy services and can improve lives! Let's keep it up!


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.