Project Description

Fully Dressed

How many times have you said, ‘I have nothing to wear!’?

Now, close your eyes and imagine that being a real statement.  You would be surprised what your idea of nothing can do for someone else.  Whether it is for a job interview, returning to the work force, attending school, taking pride in showing up for a doctor’s appointment or attending church service, to a person in need with little close to really nothing, the clothing and shoes in your closet make all the difference in the world. Children are in a constant state of growth as well.  The opportunity to make what is gently worn from your children’s closet available to a child in the rural hills or inner city can be a remarkable game changer to their lives.  There is pride taken in these moments as these young people are born into circumstances that are not their doing.  Sometimes it is a matter of helping parents that have to prioritize the purchase of food or a schoolbook over shoes. Let me tell you about a kid I know who glued back the soles of his shoes so many times he became an expert shoemaker.  No child from toddler to teenager should ever feel embarrassed over clothing in a world of so much excess.

Such is life where ‘hard life’ crushes you down and breaks your spirit. Maybe you wouldn’t think a change of clothes could make a difference, but you won’t believe how much it can do to uplift and empower someone’s world. The boost to morale can be just the thing to turn around a dull day and encourage a brighter outlook for tomorrow. It’s not about pride or selfish observance of wanting what they cannot afford. But it is all about pride, the positive feeling one gets from a sharp look and builds your self confidence and personality on a whole.

The Folkes Foundation endeavors to pair needy recipients with your goodwill. It will breathe fresh air into the spirit of many and remove an unnecessary stress while removing any biases based on appearance and being appropriately dressed in clean, gentle used and making something special out of nothing.

Clothing Venture


With your donations we are able to dress and enrich the lives of youth and young adults enabling them to look their best, feel their best, be their best.

Thanks to you, we’ve raised $0 to provide clothing to young adults! Let's keep it up!



As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.