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Caring for our children

The Hope River lazily bubbles along. It takes many twists and turns through the lush vegetation of the river valley. The cool breeze fans the uninitiated and calms the soul. The scene is so beautiful and idyllic, that one could scarely think anything could ever go wrong here. Ellson Flatts  is a community nestled in the foothills of the Blue Mountain here in East Rural Kingston.

You can hear the laughter of children even though the need here is so dire. Allison runs a daycare here in the corner of paradise. With little resources and a big heart she has struggled to maintain a daycare for the community’s children. She survives on the donations from friends and well-wishers as the meager fees she charges barely covers her expenses. She too must take care of her own family but sometimes her needs are left unattended as the bills pile up. Many times there is not even enough for food, much less to give her an income .

She has managed to feed and care for them as their parents face the daily battle to survive the mean streets of this Caribbean city. She doesn’t seek praise, she doesn’t do it for medals or accolades. She is just a person with a big heart and lots of love for her little charges. Sometimes she doesn’t get paid as emergencies arise with her clients. Other times only a portion of the funds can be found but she makes do with what she gets. But that doesn’t deter her from her “duty” someone must take care of them and this is her chosen path. You too can be a part of that love and care that Allison provides, there is a way to assist her.

We at the Folkes Foundation have committed to help, we are providing assistance in resources, financial assistance and even managerial skills to better organize her business and improve its viability. In just a few short weeks we have provided some much needed relief. But so much more can to be done, for her and other daycare facilities across the city. You can help us to help them by donating whatever you can. Our platform provides a convenient method that can suit any budget and puts you in touch with a comprehensive step by step breakdown of our care for these recipients. You can be a part of this Jamaican story, can you help?

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