We seek to bridge the gap which hinders a segment of the community from accessing and utilizing much needed resources. This will help to enrich their lives and give them a fighting chance to thrive and succeed in our ever changing world.


We promote the well-being of communities to become self- sufficient.

The focus is to help children and their parents who are vulnerable within underserved communities and of minority backgrounds. Our programs can provide access to education & therapeutic services including rehabilitative therapies, healthcare & wellness, and supplement childcare costs. Working together, we invest in the lives of those at a socio- economic disadvantage, to build the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empower them to create lasting change in their own life circumstances and communities.

Poverty often affects young people the most, and its effects on them and their families can be long-lasting. Therefore, addressing their needs is central to improving the quality of life for not only that child but also their family, future generations and the community.


At the Folkes Foundation we believe that by investing in children, we have the opportunity to create real long-lasting change for families and children around the world.


We endeavour to provide access and services to our clients that support self-sustainability and for communities to flourish.


We are passionate about our work and the difference we help to make in the lives of the people we serve.


We hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders for delivering on results that matter in a way that is rigorous, honest, ethical and transparent.


We encourage creating environments where individuals can have access to services while feeling welcomed, and supported without judgement, and valued to fully participate.


Michael Folkes

Executive Director-Founder

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IT Advisor

Dr. Audrey Tomlinson


Naurice Haynes

Director Jamaica W.I


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